Topic: Question from absolutely "crude" beginner

All greetings. I try to understand with SQL independently (it is necessary in the future for operation)
I read Alan Bjuli's book "It is studied SQL"
There, there is test data with which help I can create a DB and practise.
The first that needs to be made it to create the new user, I made it, then to complete a session, and to come as the new user, by means of a command mysql-user-p.
I cannot understand as it to make?? Where to register this command??
At start from me at once demands to enter the password, I enter it as for root the user...
I apply [img=]


Re: Question from absolutely "crude" beginner

You already launch the client from a label with any parameters, including and user name. Therefore the password is requested.
The start command should be entered in command line. Start-up - to Fulfil - CMD.EXE <Enter>


Re: Question from absolutely "crude" beginner

Deliver any graphic client, from the console it is not so convenient