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Good afternoon, the help is necessary
I write the diploma. In one of subsections it was required to lead comparing between the objective extensions of objective-relational DBMS.
About the objective Oracl extensions, I have sufficient idea, but never worked with informix, therefore I can not for what to be hooked what to untwist on the paragraph)
I ask to prompt experts on a following question:
Whether Supports informix, in types (Types) methods.
I.e. it is possible to make for example that that  it:
create type MyType (a number;
,fucntion GetA () return number)
Where further it will be possible to create copies of this type in pl/sql the code, type:
result number;
a MyType;
a: = new MyType (2);
res:=a.GetA ();
And if yes, whether that probably to make these methods static (it is possible to use do not create a copy), i.e. for example:
create type MyType (static fucntion WorkA (x number) return number)
result number;
res:=MyType.WorkA (5);
Probably, except types, there are still what that methods of creation of program units with object-oriented possibilities
I will be grateful for the information
In in advance thanks.


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Subject any not . Describe as   on Informikse and to you  people is better.


Re: The objective technologies informix

Relic Hunter;
Subject not  because the majority do not represent variants of practical application of the objective technologies of a DBMS