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All with the come!
Children, I ask the help. I write the program on C# there are 2 forms on one form table DataGridView Groups on another table Student the Data boot from dataset. In porridge a class student  from groups. There is a property group in both classes and at  in table Student of a column group new record in table Groups is added, but it is not necessary for me, and I do not have not enough knowledge to understand what the reason.
I.e. on the correct should be for example Groups 1,2,3 and in everyone on some records Student where them the column group connects.
Sympathetic people, help to solve the task, the link to the project I will throw in .


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Whether i.e. it is possible as that to set uniqueness to property group in class Groups


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In sum I can not understand as to implement nested tables


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And what for you inherited a class of students if do not want that there was a base class record at creation ?
However, your business. You can inherit the table of students at first from a class %Persistent then it will have a storage.
On storage should look somehow so:
Class User. Students extends (%Persistent, User. Groups)
Then it will be different tables. The existing circuit of storage most likely should be deleted.
And what "such nested tables"? In what your task? There is a suspicion that you not that do something.


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joing777 wrote:

a class student  from groups

Here is how, no HOW it came to to you mind?
The student too most as Group, only specifies/redefines something?