Topic: Performance test: CRITICAL_SECTION and SRWLOCK

Subtracted at Richter that SRWLOCK works faster than CRITICAL_SECTION. Decided to check up.
on the library of actors. Result in million parrots, i.e. million messages/seconds
The processor, Flows, CSx32, SRWx32, CSx64, SRWx64
i7 3770K (4 kernels + HT) DDR3, 8, 39.5, 38.7, 39.9, 42.2
i7 6700K (4 kernels without HT) DDR4, 4, 30.7, 31.2, 29.5, 29.6
x32/x64 -  at compilation.
Almost always SRWLOCK is not worse.
[spoiler If who wants ] Source codes . To compile stress_test.
To change:
#define CPU_MAX 8//the Amount of flows
#define LT_WIN_XP//the Variant with CRITICAL_SECTION
The result to look in line msg_send/sec [/spoiler]