Topic: Error handling from pg_ - functions

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Only here pg_query () errors for some reason throws at all false as in docks it is promised:


In case of an error function returns FALSE , error details can be received by means of function pg_last_error () if connection with a DB is not broken.

And entirely directly in a flow:


<b> Warning </b>: pg_query_params (): Query failed: the ERROR: repeating value of a key breaks uniqueness restriction "users_e_idx"
DETAIL: the Key "(e) = (email@domain.tld)" already exists. in <b>/path/user3.php </b> on line <b> 648 </b> <br/>

I.e. all "error details" at once, without everyones pg_last_error ()
Here mysqli (OOP) returns simply false, and here procedural style on all throws errors in the general flow successively.
How to be?