Topic: Style design of columns of the table

There is a table:

<th> a </th>
<th> b </th>
<th> c </th>
<td> a1 </td>
<td> b1 </td>
<td> c1 </td>
<td> a2 </td>
<td> b2 </td>
<td> c2 </td>

I want to align the text in the second column on center, and in the third column to align by a right edge.
To use attribute align (td align = "center") I do not want.
It is possible to add style to cells (td class = "col2"), it is an operating variant.
It was earlier possible to use a tag col:

<col align = "center">
<col align = "right">

But this attribute is considered become outdated and now it works somehow unreliably.
Still it is possible to format columns by means of a pseudo-class nth-child, but it CSS3 and not on all browsers works.
Now I add style to cells and it works, but is somehow bulky.
Whether there is no method to issue the table in the most simple variant of imposition (tags tr/th/td without attributes), but without usage nth-child?


Re: Style design of columns of the table

And is is more specific?