Topic: The undisguised text in navbar Bootstrap

There is a site with such imposition on Bootstrap3:

<nav class = "navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top" role = "navigation">
<div class = "container">
<div class = "navbar-header">
<button type = "button" class = "navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle = "collapse" data-target = "#navbar-main">
<span class = "sr-only"> the Navigation menu </span>
<span class = "icon-bar"> </span>
<span class = "icon-bar"> </span>
<span class = "icon-bar"> </span>
<a class = "navbar-brand" href = "/">
<div class = "navbar-brand-name">
<img src = "/brand-mini.png"/>
</div> <!-/.navbar-header->
<div class = "collapse navbar-collapse" id = "navbar-main">
<ul class = "nav navbar-nav">
<li class = "dropdown">... </li>
<span class = "navbar-text navbar-right"> <a href = "tel: + 71234567890"> +7-123-456-7890 </a> </span>
</div> <!-/.navbar-collapse->
</div> <!-/.container->
</nav> <!-/.navbar->

On top the line of navigation is deduced, in it the logo, the horizontal menu and on the right is specified phone number.
When the width of a window does not suffice for an output of menu items, they disappear, being replaced with the menu button, in a line of navigation there is only a logo.
At pushing this button of the menu it is displayed vertically, including phone number.
I would like to make so that phone number was not moved to the rollup menu.
If number to transfer in.navbar-header and it turns out, but number is deduced left-justified and before menu items.
On idea it needs to be carried out in the separate container, after.navbar-collapse. I so tried to make (setting for these two containers float), but it turns out badly.