Topic: How to forbid a mobile browser to pass to previous-following page at ?

Simple paging of photos to the left-to the right by a finger on the sensor screen is implemented. Each photo in separate html', by pressing/otpuskanii sufficient distance to the left-to the right is loaded a previous-following file.

var touch_position;//pushing Coordinate
function turn_start (event) {
//At initial pushing to receive coordinates
touch_position = event.touches [0].pageX;
document.getElementById ("nameid").innerHTML = "" + touch_position;
function turn_page (event) {
//At pushing driving to trace a driving direction
var tmp_move = touch_position-event.touches [0].pageX;
//Shift sufficient?
if (Math.abs (tmp_move) <50) {return false;}
if (tmp_move <0) {
document.location.href = "16.htm";
else {
document.location.href = "02.htm";

But this implementation works not so, sometimes at too long carrying out by a finger together with browsing the browser passes to previous-following page (and as a result all remains on the same). Whether It is possible to intercept it somehow?