Re: Handling of pushing of three buttons in a parallel flow


what that flags What for are necessary???

In order that to receive a command on the further actions it is necessary in Fleeces-times of procedure of a cycle (handling ., count...)!!!
In real procedure there is an information handling from several open files, to the user is deduced initial  and it is offered to make the choice - to Process, pass the Step or to Quit.
I  the Dialog box, but with it inconveniently and crookedly to work!
Therefore searched to a management method in procedure from form buttons, but in the same of Fleeces-times, without closing files and without losing values of a heap of variables.
So - it is more clear?
And Test code I consider as much as possible approached to Real...
[quote =] Esteem about component ApplicationEvents and install the normal handler for keys pushed

And here for the help - at it is much grateful! But similar to study and look - whether to be useful it to me - already I will be in the morning!.)))