Topic: Why Convert. ToDateTime (Int64) it is not implemented?

In general a trifle, but it wanted to the logician of application to learn, suddenly something I do not understand. In the description on msdn it is directly told that Convert. ToDateTime (Int64) actually it is not implemented. https://msdn.microsoft.com/ru-ru/library/400f25sk (v=vs.110).aspx By a call of this method always there is exception InvalidCastException. Not clearly why MS decided to enter this method into versions 1.1  but it seems that for ever to leave a conversion error, thus, that there is designer DateTime from Int64, and basically always it is possible to write, something like following and it works. Int64 a;.... Console. WriteLine (new DateTime (a).ToLongDateString ()); so do sometimes for delegates or if it is meant that the method will be rewritten in a legacy class, but here, sense I do not see.