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As you think, why anybody did not write till now support of Microsoft Schannel for Boost. Asio? From a box there there is support OpenSSL.  - saw that many would like support Schannel, but anybody for some reason did not write it till now. (Or hides? wink Such implementation is too difficult? Or what reasons can be? There is a big desire to write it for usage in the project, but anybody confuses that and did not undertake before, can there any big reefs?


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Because not the cross connect  as it will look for ? Yes in any way and generally in Google there is a wrapper over steam  to  generally any side https://camaya.net/api/gloox/tlsschanne … ource.html


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Hello, reversecode, you wrote: R> because not a cross connect  R> as it will look for ? Yes in any way R> and generally in Google there is R> a wrapper over steam  R> to  generally any side R> https://camaya.net/api/gloox/tlsschanne … ource.html Yes as though in this case and it is not necessary a cross connect-platformennosti smile All same classes from boost:: asio:: ssl, only with usage Schannel are necessary. And not mandatory to include them in composition Asio, it is possible to spread separately. And it is possible and even to include in composition Asio. For example, in Boost.Log there is  for Windows NT Log, and anything that it not the cross-platform.


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https://lists.boost.org/Archives/boost/ … 114721.php


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R> https://lists.boost.org/Archives/boost/ … 114721.php I saw this correspondence. As I understand, it did not result in implementation. The need for this feature remained and to this day https://github.com/chriskohlhoff/asio/issues/46


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I.e. arguments which there are resulted in two links to you not arguments that you then in this subject expect? What who that of the hose gets private implementation and to you presents? I see only three variants 1)  under myself 2) use Openssl and are not soared 3)  mailing   what who that  and then included  in