Topic: Update QChartView

Kind night. I try to learn to work with QChartView. With Qt I started to understand only today, more precisely, already yesterday. Therefore the Mb my question absolutely  Will is the code: QChart* chart = new QChart (); chart-> createDefaultAxes (); QLineSeries* series = new QLineSeries (); series-> append (0, 6); series-> append (1, 4); chart-> addSeries (series); series-> append (2, 8); series-> append (3, 4); QChartView* chartView = new QChartView (chart);//further this chartView is located in a window And so, on the schedule the line between (0,6) and (1, 4) is drawn only. On the Internet write that at update series the chart should be updated by the automatic machine, but for some reason it is impossible to me. ?