Topic: NSE - the fixed storage location of a state of columns

Is NSE based on DefView. In a normal situation the system independently saves and recovers a state of columns of a window in the register in HKCR\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags. But in my case ParsingName and PIDL in each session the unique. It leads to that at discovery NSE the system does not find a state of columns of the previous session, plus is littered the register. A question - how to force NSE to use the fixed place for storage of adjustments? There is not documentary message SFVM_GETCOLUMNSTREAM but how with it to work? In my experiences it comes at discovery NSE with parameter STGM_READ, I give empty IStream, the system tries from it that that to read, on it all comes to an end also a flow is released. At closing NSE of call SFVM_GETCOLUMNSTREAM does not happen.


Re: NSE - the fixed storage location of a state of columns

Hello, Aniskin, you wrote: A> the Question I understand that from described area not especially trivial, and the people capable of them to answer (probably) it is possible to enumerate questions on fingers. But where basically it is possible to search for answers to such questions? Can be at MS is what  (the paid?) support. On social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums on similar questions too silence.