Topic: Whether there are functions UNICODE_STRING, that the buffer itself

I am checked. It is feeblly believed that anybody and did not create anything that became known. It after all  man-days. Pljusovsky wstring and other general-purpose not to offer -  with conversion there-here with interest gobbles up all simplification from "" buffers. If who did not understand, here so it would be desirable: RtlInitUnicodeString (&strRes, L "123"); RtlInitUnicodeString (&strRes2, L "456"); RtlAppendUnicodeStringToString (&strRes, &strRes2); But alas, so does not roll, it is necessary to initialize manually strRes with the buffer of the size 6. At first I suffered, but now simply got. Blocks up the code and creates danger that you will add still pair append and it ceases to get. I want to make function, which will create the new buffer (or bluntly new line) with the new size to copy there old and new, and old to clear. About high-speed performance it is not necessary. Because as a whole it does not affect it. Critical sections always can be made in an old fashion, it not an occasion to refuse convenience. P.S. By the way, it is cool - a question about the buffer, and in a subject at a forum I can not find room for title