Topic: Where now it is possible to complain of curvature in SysDev?

Sending the driver for the signature through SysDev, found out that there for check of INF-files instead of modern InfVerif it is used ancient inf2cat which does not understand substitutions in [SourceDisksFiles]. On the code like the such: [SourceDisksFiles.x86] %DriverFile % = 222, \x86 [SourceDisksFiles.amd64] %DriverFile % = 222, \x64 [DevInst. DriverModules] %DriverFile % it gives an error: 22.9.10: %driverfile % in [devinst.drivermodules] is missing from [SourceDisksFiles] section in myproject\mydriver.inf; driver may not sign correctly until this is resolved. Like the trifle, but such syntax perfectly understand all systems, since Win95. I about it wrote on OSR, and there even someone from MS responded, but it would be desirable to send normal . And  on SysDev they actually already covered (a week produces "Hello, this service is not enabled at this time"). Also what, now any back coupling (except documentation errors) - only through Collaborate portal?