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Time went such  - I will tell also the history. It was confused with certificate obtaining on 5th of January. 12 - already received and signed without paying copecks and without quitting the house. At once I will tell that  it is finite not free - it is necessary to pay. My history such: Attempt on 5th of January I understood number of times what further to live without  it is impossible, for ripened a question of the normal installer. Found in the Internet office (leaderssl.ru or com) which suggests to let out in the beginning the certificate, and to pay for it only in two weeks. The excellent variant in the sense that if will not manage to be transited   in  though money you will not spend. Remembering that for  any hogwash of type DUNS is necessary at request design the PHYSICIST wrote that. The letter in which came has been told, what  only for the organizations, whether there is at you a possibility to enter the given organizations? Answered that is. Sent the link to order. In it it was issued as the physicist, passed payment. The order departed in . In  told give . I told that I want as the physicist. They told stamp to the notary and at it make sure face-to-face. And the notary should be in register any there and we will check it. It did not turn out. For to the notary to pay money, and warranties what that this notary will suit them. Attempt number two Went on a site leaderssl issued the order as ,  that the organization, passed payment, the order departed in comodo and there it is natural . They did not address at all to me for docks Pamjatuja that for  is necessary DUNS decided to try it to receive.  to Russia Interfax DNB, type regional  DUNS - went to them on a site. On a site the price 12-tyr. Here  a pancake! At all it is free, and at us 12 . The site and a brothel went on an official site dandb.com at them there at all. In general there design only for default country. But there is a reference that if you the supplier for the state offices of the USA to be registered not here, and here: http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform And there the form where it is possible to select the country. Selected Russia, all filled. Phone specified cellular without +7 and without 8 in the beginning. And the form went. While an essence yes business, communicated with support comodo and leaderssl and clarified that comodo checks only on a site UPIK.de. That is you want - you do not want - it is necessary to appear there. The data there gets from basis DUNS. This UPIK suggests to register in DUNS free of charge. Began registration. At a stage country choices the message took off: excuse but Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and the other former USSR are not registered any more. On all questions address in DNB. And there - go to the regional logger. And it is Intrfaks DNB and he wants 12 . Here ! And here, in a day after questionnaire sending in the message fedgov.dnb.com comes that your number DUNS such is congratulated, now you can continue design as the state supplier tra-that d!  number DUNS! Yes so quickly! Yes it is free! But on a shower scrapes that. Number not such what can, and that after all is free also the channel of obtaining any not the obvious. Besides this number though is punched on a site dandb, but is not visible on site UPIK. And on dandb it is punched somehow strange. Under number - yes. And by name of the organizations both to the address and by phone - is not present! Yes even on the site fedgov where I it and  it is not punched. And and . I write to support  - as there my order? - We can not , it is necessary that you were either in DUNS or in an extract on a site tax. - here my INN, here an extract from  on a site . - there phone is? No! It is necessary  phone on the third entrusted side! - apprx. Here my number DUNS. - DUNS does not fight on a site UPIK.de - I  it on official dandb.com am punched - Pofig. (On upik.de we can look an organization card free of charge, and on dandb for money) *-they certainly did not tell it, but I suspect that business in it is And that a hogwash why DUNS there is not present. - Figs knows, address in support of DNB stopped in general. I write to support UPIK.de - That for a hogwash why there is no I DUNS, at me design process  rose - Update of basis DUNS can occupy about several weeks. Than still we can help you? I write to support leaderssl - what to do? - Excuse, to make nothing. The order cannot be fulfilled, if DUNS not  on UPIK.de. There and only there! That's all, I thought. Probably number DUNS received by such way left any. It is good, though money paid to nobody. But every day went on this UPIK and checked. Just in case. And here for the third day after obtaining of number DUNS about a miracle! On site UPIK I was punched ! And on a site dnb began to be on a name, to the address both by phone. And on a site fedgov too began to be. Probably something somewhere  at last! I run in technical support . There requested number. I gave it. There and then to me gave the reference on  phone. The call there and then came. Entered received number and received the treasured CERTIFICATE! Summarizing. To receive  on  it is done the following: 1. We make out the request for number DUNS here: http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform phone number it is necessary to specify is mandatory codeless cities and the country. For federal number cellular it means without +7 and without 8. I think that an INN too to specify mandatory (probably they on it check, as well as ). And for an INN there is no special field. It is necessary to specify it in  to the request. 2. We wait registration and we wait while the data  on UPIK.de 3. We go on leaderssl and there we make out the order with the postponed payment. We confirm that the organization. 4. We go to technical support  and there it is direct in online all of them check and send the link on  phone from questionnaire DUNS what other confirming documents from me did not ask. There is in all it one hogwash. At me now on hands operating , but I do not know as well as to whom for it to pay, because contact with leaderssl "was interrupted",  that as they declared that the order cannot be fulfilled. upd. Just paid . 63 euros for a year. About  DNB it was thought c. They for 12  sell any D-U-N-S Registered. It as I understood, any expanded information on the company, necessary for obtaining of credits everyone there, but  not fallen for  . However simple registration of number anywhere on a site it is not mentioned. It is thought to me that drawing in under itself the CIS they use cunning a little and simply do not mention that can produce simple registration free of charge. After all everywhere in the world it is free. And here any expanded services on the basis of this number - yes, for money. It seems to me that if on them to press, they  as well as it is necessary without any payment.


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Interesting, that is at you the certificate on the company and in the signature is shone proud Pupkin Inc?


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QC> it is interesting, that is at you the certificate on the company and in the signature is shone proud Pupkin Inc? No, to  in the signature the important remark is shone Pupkin Ivan Ivanovich IP Yes. When  in DUNS as the supplier for state offices in the list of organizational legal form appears proprietorship that is analog Sole proprietorship that there is an analog of ours . I also selected it. I do not know that would be, if I selected something another. Would turn or not. In the questionnaire besides there was also fields, type a nonregistered name of the company. Here in it I wrote Pupkin Inc. But it  eliminated and in a card now so: Registered company name: Pupkin Ivan Ivanovich IP Non-registered name or business unit: it [is empty]


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Hello, NWP, you wrote: QC>> it is interesting, that is at you the certificate on the company and in the signature is shone proud Pupkin Inc? NWP> Is not present, to  in the signature it is shone Pupkin Ivan Ivanovich IP And for physicists (at me) it is simple Ivan Pupkin. It even is more beautiful))


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Hello, Qt-Coder, you wrote: a C> And for physicists (at me) it is simple Ivan Pupkin. It even is more beautiful)) Agree. On it I took  only for a year. Suddenly in a year or a beautiful name  appears or on the physicist it will be possible to stir up an alias what. After even I will try in DUNS to change the registration data as-thread so that at least without a patronymic was. With the initials for example. In my case it would turn out type Pupkin TM IP So generally it would be smart.


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upd. Just paid . 63 euros for a year. Thanks, on http://fedgov.dnb.com already made an application where to take for 60 euros? Looked now on https://www.leaderssl.ru/suppliers/comodo/products   - 8550


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O> where to take for 60 euros? O> looked now on https://www.leaderssl.ru/suppliers/comodo/products O>   - 8550  At them but not to a zone ru. On the European what domain . Or on com I like on com ordered. There the price in dollars show truth. And in total  at me somehow  appeared.


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Hello, NWP, you wrote: tell  and for   not  really to receive? (At me the not  the project)


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Hello, sergey2b, you wrote: Here  success history: http://rsdn.org/forum/shareware/7020718.flat the Author: Qt-Coder Date: 15.01 20:35


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Hello, os77, you wrote: O> Thanks, on http://fedgov.dnb.com already made an application Unsubscribe please about result.