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Registration on ISDEF Spring 2018 2018s.isdef.org is opened Is recommended not to pull, cost of numbers is confirmed till January, 15th, 2018. Then the hotel can reconsider the prices They are going to make it in connection with the World championship on football next year. At us while is  on a certain amount of standard numbers. If money for them will not be, on January, 15th we remove  and will be more expensive also than number under request (i.e. not guaranteed) This time it is possible to receive acts and to write off residing cost on the cost price at payment from the legal person in roubles!!! Look attentively comments at request filling


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Hello, MS MSDN, you wrote: MM> registration on ISDEF Spring 2018 MM> http://2018s.isdef.org MM> [Rostov] is opened And whether happen in Rostov of a tango-milongi? It is possible to glance on pair  On the way or on the reverse