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Hello! The program for determination  keypads was necessary. Looking, I found that is necessary here. But pleasure washing was not long. I launched the project and found out that I can derive only  key presses, but not  releases. These are the different codes. It is possible to look here. After pushing event in structure Rawkeyboard in the field Makecode it appears  key presses (half-affairs it is made). And at release event - too  pushings. I am not strong in Windows API. Whether prompt, please, probably generally basically somehow to learn  key releases in Windows? If yes, that for this purpose is necessary? The program is necessary under Windows. Thanks.


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Hello, corpse56, you wrote:  key presses | 0x80 =  key releases


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Hello, rumit7, you wrote: R> R>  key presses | 0x80 =  releases of key R> Thanks! Reached! Here it I brake...