Topic: Still ridiculous swindle

from  so photos about which there it is told is not present. But they there are published. They sent this dialogue to me in quality "" Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana Yana 14.02.18 Hello, me directed to you concerning earnings. It is possible more in detail? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Hello! Now Yana is not much occupied, I supervise transfer, expect! I will answer you within 5-15 minutes! Yana Yana 14.02.18 well and in what generally sense tell? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana show patience, I will soon answer you Yana Yana 14.02.18 well 14.02.18 I wait Ekaterina Ekaterina to you I offer transfer of money resources into your card. That, at us is access to the frozen accounts in casino online, but on one account number we can fulfill only one operation on transfer and deduce all money from an account into your account, it is more with this account we cannot work, as the program does not pass, accounts from 50.000 to 800.000 rbl., we work 40-60 % in my favor. I will repeat money are at us on the frozen accounts in casino online, can not worry, remaining our care! But - it is necessary for you to pay 1 % to the program for use, earlier we worked without your nestings, but . it is a lot of swindlers we came to that that you because if you want to cash or translate ours of 60 % to your bank account we should pay 1 % we block transfer and it returns to us during 2 days and you remain without money which imported 1 % and without the of 40 % and as proof of that that I not the robot if it is necessary for you, I can send you a passport photo, a residence permit, etc. So you can I will be convinced that the real person. I do not try to deceive whom and it not . If it is not interesting to you, I will ask not to spend my time in empty and Yana Yana 14.02.18 I understood thanks strange certainly we admit if I want to make transfer on 150 , it 1500  is necessary to me? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 quite right Yana, 1 % of payment makes 1500 roubles Yana Yana 14.02.18 And why so many 40 %? So simply and easily took and gave to me of 60 thousand more in what it is assured so this that that as soon as I will throw off money you me at once in the black list throw also all write disappeared my money DIVORCE not interesting!! Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 In the first Yana, we do not allow to earn to you, we do not earn. As I already wrote above, on one person we can make only one transfer. It is easy money and an amount of transfers are restricted, while we have a possibility we try to make on a maximum Yana, I not the small swindler, as proof that I it I, I can send you a photo of the documents, and any! If is interesting allow to continue? Yana Yana 14.02.18 all right it is good, make then a photo of the passport and still what  the document Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 yes it is finite, now I will make also to you I will give Yana Yana 14.02.18 I wait Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 I ask Yana Yana 14.02.18 my brother works in police, now I learn all from it Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 yes certainly how to you it is convenient, I perfectly understand you Yana Yana Yana 14.02.18 well, now as I learn and then to you will write Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 yes certainly, you will expect Yana Yana 14.02.18 well the passport not in search and is not lost a pancake  as that, and can still  with the passport? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 here I ask Yana Yana 14.02.18 pancake) convinced but all the same  I came across already simply just once. Threw off money and me in  without wasting words (((Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Understand I your guarantor, that is, I work from the certain person which will do a remittance into your account, and I already as the intermediary between you. For  I gave you a photo of the documents I from for 2-3 thousand you began risk can to address in region separation of police and to write application. The totals of 1000 roubles will be to open enough criminal proceedings So I do not have sense of to substitute Yana Yana 14.02.18 and problems at me then will not be with bank what? And how it generally happens? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana understand me correctly,  at us anything is not present, differently I would not be engaged in it Yana understand me correctly,  at us anything is not present, differently I would not be engaged in it Yana Yana 14.02.18 it clearly, the main thing that  was fair Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Why 4 hours because if you try to deceive us, namely to cash money or to translate them to other bank account we can cancel operation and money before the outflow of this time to return reversely on an account and it will be blocked, that is we do not receive the of 60 % and you do not receive the of 40 % plus to it lose the of 1 % do not worry Yana all will be as it should be, will be happy with result! Yana Yana 14.02.18 well, I want 200 000 roubles transfer! 120 000 your and 80 000 I so turn out? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 yes all correctly Yana Yana 14.02.18 problems will not be exact at me with bank? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Can not worry about it, money for a straight line go from the electronic account then the account completely is deleted. That is formally you created an account, benefited money, deduced into the account Yana Yana 14.02.18 well I understood I will risk so and to be, the hope droplet still lives that there are normal pourers Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 can not to worry, I assure you now to you I will give a card for payment 4890 4945 7024 2494 here Yana I ask number of a card for depositing of 1 %, that is 2000 roubles, further send number of your card where we will translate! After payment send a photo of the check or a screenshot Yana if you will be not not complicated by Yana Yana 14.02.18 well. 2000 roubles will suppose, I will write as I will send Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 well I expect you Yana Yana 14.02.18 all paid here the check that further? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Well Yana, minute I check payment Yana payment proved to be true, I enlist you on transfer,  are kind your number of a card Yana Yana 14.02.18 yes now one minute 4276 4900 2298 9901 it is card number 14.02.18 I look forward Ekaterina Ekaterina now I make out the request then selection and preparation of transfer for sending begins, on the average it occupies from 30 till 50 minutes, expect. As soon as transfer will be ready to sending I to you I will write, directly ahead of sending Yana Yana 14.02.18  and problems will not be exact? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana I assure you, there is no occasion to worry, you still to thank me awake! Yana Yana 14.02.18 I understood, well started to select already? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 yes Yana do not worry, the program already launched, it is necessary to expect only! 4276 2600 2306 5864 here our account number on which you send us ours of 60 % that is 120 000 roubles! Yana Yana 14.02.18 it is good and I can precisely remove the of 80 thousand then??? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 it is unconditional, but to begin with the earnest entreaty to translate at first ours of 60 %, then to cash money, understand how many now swindlers and all try to deceive Yana Yana 14.02.18   the main thing that came Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 about it can not worry Yana, as it will be more convenient to you to translate ours of 60 %? Yana Yana 14.02.18 well I to a cash dispense now will quit, it nearby Ekaterina Ekaterina does not complicate to give 14.02.18 you to a balance photo when to you means arrive? Yana Yana 14.02.18 yes let at first come Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Well Yana do not worry, transfer will be ready in flow of 15-20 minutes Yana Yana 14.02.18 well, I look forward Yana Yana 14.02.18 well there Katya? Where you disappeared? Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana do not worry I together with you I expect, literally 5 mines no more Yana Yana 14.02.18 are good, all is faster already on nerves. Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana transfer was completed, check up balance of your card Yana Yana 14.02.18 already) yes all right second yes all right??? It simply fuck-up Katya I really did not trust in it To go nuts simply Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Yana I told result you pleases,  photos of your balance Yana Yana 14.02.18 Yes now without problems)))))) are kind) here it I am glad Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Well Yana, we expect your transfer Yana Yana 14.02.18 Yes yes now a photo I will make and I send you now do not endure only)))))))))) I such people as you in life I will not deceive Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 Well I expect Vas Yana Yana 14.02.18 here a photo of Katenka now to you transport Katyushas all translated you Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 minute check the information All arrived, thank you for  Yana Yana Yana 14.02.18 Yes it I you thank))))) many thanks to you Ekaterina Ekaterina 14.02.18 your means at the full instruction was glad to cooperate Yana Yana 14.02.18 I too very much Katyas, thanks once again to you from all my family