Topic: Migration of DB Apex

Primary data:
OS Win2000
DBMS Oracle10
Apex 4.0
As it is possible to migrate DB Apex in Apex 5.0 Oracles 11gR2
I.e. there is a server with basis in it application on  4.0 is twisted it is necessary to migrate correctly all this business in  5.0
With all necessary circuits, tables, procedures and other
The first my steps were such that I about the beginning tried import of the data to similar circuits to empty databases
And at once errors were tumbled down, for example not probably to create the table, there are no rights to this or that object, are not present . Spaces created . In  4.0 etc.
I.e. not all data was imported with
The new database on oracle 11gr2 rose normally without errors, installed Apex 5.0 too without errors


Re: Migration of DB Apex

SAS2014, To begin with it is necessary to migrate the data i.e. basis, then to adjust workspace similarly as on 4 APEX i.e. to add circuits  in new work space, and then itself  ()


Re: Migration of DB Apex

The subject can be closed, the decision was such:
1. To create circuits in new basis similar in old bases
2. To import for each circuit the data with
3. To fulfill export workspace and applications from APEX4
4. To fulfill import workspace and applications from APEX5