Topic: Problem with Apex Tree (APEX 5.1.2)

Region Tree is in region Static Content further SC. SC the region has height restricted and accordingly Tree region too, but at creation of a tree of elements much more than can goes in on visible area.
Problem in the following when  downwards to not contained  and there I push a disclosure triangle after that the cursor rises on the first   and it is necessary to scroll again a tree down to that element which uncovered, how that it is possible to win it, what not  in the beginning and remains on an element which uncovered????


Re: Problem with Apex Tree (APEX 5.1.2)

If with a mouse to select the first element of a tree then at  downwards and branch disclosure  in the beginning does not happen, but I can not program select the first element in any way, who can faced and could make it program


Re: Problem with Apex Tree (APEX 5.1.2)

Interposed into page section execute when page loads "=> apex.jQuery ("#tree1").treeView ("focus");
The problem dared