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Recently in our branch there was an arguing of possibilities of alternative Aksessu of program Filemaker intended also for creation of a DBMS. As PSK by means of the additional server can  projects in a type a web of pages I asked a question, whether there is a similar toolkit at our native Microsoft.
There was such toolkit, application is called Power apps, allows to create without superfluous lines of the code to users a web of page (form), to scale them under different devices. As data sources can use the same , a SQL server, excel etc.
Application is intended for normal users who can and not know a programming language.
Here the link from Microsoft
In addition to  the given application I consider closes a problem with possibility of the publication of a DBMS on the Internet (I mean easy algorithm of creation a web of bases.).
In 2018 Microsoft stakes on Power apps:
The Corporation Microsoft any more does not recommend to create and use web application Access in SharePoint. As alternative means for the business solutions not demanding additional programming and working in the browser and on mobile devices, it is recommended to use Microsoft PowerApps.
Who  used the given application together with MS Access?)


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Looked at the description, it is interesting enough. While only did not understand the main thing: in how many this pleasure manages to small user group of application, let us assume, the person 5 to have possibility to share a web application? How much I understood, without Common Data Services not to manage, plus a hosting, let us assume, SQL servers (from $5) in month, plus the license on Office 365 means 437  in month on the user, (whether it is necessary?). Well and at all did not understand restriction on an amount "Executions of sequences in a month (on the user)". 4500 it is a lot of or a little? What there is a sequence?


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MrShin wrote:

Looked at the description, interesting enough.

Too it was pleasant to me, at least all is customary, it is more clear and it is possible to come far without reading instructions and helps, in comparison with it is Filemaker as the horse pedal (purely my relation, but most likely business in habits and stereotypes), did not investigate into the prices yet, pecked on  - operation with tables an ex-fur-tree on ftp... An hour later understood that is necessary an ex-fur-tree from Office 365, Tables of a format 2007 sees, but at connection take off for an error, the format is not recognized at all more low...


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The office 365 and so-called  Offices 2013, 2016 etc. the MSEC persistently tries to implement the 365 office. After all for 2016 office money you will receive only 1 time. And how many there its time deliver - it is not known. And so the money permanently drips. Also it is possible to trace pirates accurately. Plus traffic payment.


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To tell the truth did not understand that serves as storage of forms of given application Power app. As far as I understand the data source can be any, and here the server role for objects Papps that appears) Sharepoint as far as I understand, or generally simply it is possible to push them in a cloud and therefrom to distribute. It is necessary to esteem.