Topic: QA the engineer (the automated testing) Bank. St.-Petersburg

The big bank invites to operation QA of engineers.
o Development of test cases, engineering specifications;
o Preparation of the test data;
o Control of completeness of a covering of requirements;
o Operation about a bug-trekingovymi systems (Jira);
o Error analysis and the problems arising at users by operation with software solutions (internal systems, exterior banking a software)
o Development and the coordination of test strategy.
o The Higher technical education;
o Experience QA the expert from 2th years
o Programming experience in one or several languages Is desirable: Java, a C ++, Visual Basic;
o Experience of the automated testing is mandatory (in ideal Selenium)
o Bases of databases and SQL
o 5  with 9 till 18.00
o The Income on the average to 90 000.
o Territorially the item of m. of Ladoga/square Lenin
The abstract on email: kspiter@gmail.com