Topic: Name please analog Fuslogvw for mono/linux

Dear colleagues, world community cannot find the answer to a question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/462 … -not-found I can add a few details to the description: versions Mono. Options which get to directories *-api not same as at Mono.Options.dll which gets in GAC if to take.dll-ku from GAC it is and boots normally That to me does not suffice for happiness: 1) to be able to view dependence.dll having only her. In a utility output monodis I of dependences at Mono.Options.dll do not see. Well, behind an exception.assembly extern mscorlib {.ver 4:0:0:0.publickeytoken = (B7 7A 5C 56 19 34 E0 89)//.z\V.4.} 2) to understand, how to learn that whence boots without having fuzlogvw (because linux and mono)


Re: Name please analog Fuslogvw for mono/linux

, I not one such Author: Smarty Date: 29.06.09 advise the Author: Neosyst Date: 10.06.08Reflector and NDepend, the first under mono does not work. NDepend is a Visual Studio extension Here the Author: WebErr Date: 14.03.06 to check up dependences from  libraries: same exception it is possible  at attempt to load the assembly which refers on missing unmanaged dll. So besides fuslogvw it is useful to use still depends. Explicitly not our case. Why I think, what the output of the order of search at assembly loading  is possible in ? Because msbuild somehow deduces in a broad gull process of search Reference at the assembly.