Topic: How in msbuild it is processed GlobalSection in a.sln-file?

At.sln-file creation with the help monodevelop and the subsequent editing of properties solution' in a file there is a following fragment: GlobalSection (MonoDevelopProperties) = preSolution version = 0.765 EndGlobalSection the Question: what then happens to it version when from.sln forms.proj and it is processed in msbuild? Whether MSBuildEmitSolution=1 msbuild mysolution.sln this gets version to list Properties? If yes, where it is written, if is not present - that as it is used? No, does not get, it is used only inside MonoDevelop. And how all the same it was supposed to use it? World community too not in course: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/153 … at-runtime and basically, generally: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/229 … r-solution