Topic: App cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

The C new 10.13.x arrived a new surprise in the form of Gatekeeper which now despite that that application is signed  the developer frightens  and does not allow it to launch. Certainly it is possible to go to adjustments and to launch therefrom, but it is all nonsense. Tried to write in apple the distinct answer did not receive (what that of the link to a forum with the same complaints), at that that specified to them in the letter with an exhaust from check utilities that application  mine is signed!!! In general  from  on developers as always - put big and thick. The problem in that that gathers it not in XCode and info.plist I wrote itself, probably there there is now what that still no keys. Who faced prompt? .. Checked other applications also collected not in XCod, i.e. with same  info.plist there the same problem. And here at those who collected in XCode such problems is not present.