Topic: Haskell. A call of functions from DLL

Hello! Did not invent in what section to suppose a question, therefore "Other". I have no concept that such  (only in general), but I have an interface which I should give DLL. A target platform: Windows XP - Windows 10, only x86. By a call stack build, to me tell "Missing a C library <name>". Once I casually was possible collect, play back this situation could not. I DLL depends from ACE.dll and from ws2_32.dll. I try to collect the second week it. The person who wrote this piece on  says that "on Linux all works for me, therefore I know nothing". Tell, please, there can be a business in any flags of the compiler/linkera or in the call convention (I use cdecl), and generally what requirements are shown to library that  from  it saw? Whether is mandatory  to be present DllMain? Library I collect on VS 2015. Thanks!