Topic: GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. What to select?

There is para-triple of projects, they are in maintenance 2-3 years, all this time the unique developer, customers at all projects different,  are permanently finished, corrected, etc., I. A different dial-up of users, etc. Today all is fastened on mail, phone, , etc., it is a source of reports about , new requirements and tasks. Result (the distribution kit and . The picture of source codes) is preempted on ftp servers of customers, the documentation/instruction in the same place lies. At me all code in local git. I want to systematize a little worker process and to deliver it on the modern rails, I search for service with private git turnips, issue tracker, unpretentious wiki and that it was possible to give to customers access on reading, plus on chtenie/zapis in issue tracker. github: - to select rate Developer and to invite customers in quality collaborators (confuses that that they will have the full access to all)? - To create an enterprise account, to select rate Team and  users (there is a chance that interested persons will be much and the price becomes space)? bitbucket - actually a question in the same as above, I think that at 10 + the person will Install already expensively readmine/gitlab / (something else?) on the server, a variant it seems to all it is good, but whether it is necessary to dig permanently in their giblets that they worked? What advise? It is desirable from real experience. Thanks.


Re: GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. What to select?

Hello, anovokreschenov, you wrote: A> to Install readmine/gitlab / (something else?) On the server, a variant it seems to all it is good, but whether it is necessary to dig permanently in their giblets that they worked? A> that advise? It is desirable from real experience. Thanks. Adjusted worker process on the previous place of operation. Selected between gitlab, still any hogwash on go very similar on github but in the form of one executable file and a variant all tools separately. The variant in "clouds" for code storage was not considered from security reasons. Eventually stopped a choice on "a variant all tools separately", for two reasons: 1. Safety, it would be desirable to divide an infrastructure for access to the code and issue . That breaking   to draining of source codes in my opinion not so well 2. Tools in one normally lose all"to separate tools Gemor on adjustment was enough big, day 4 probably. After that any scripts on control of users finished and backup', increased limits for upload files. And after that some years touched nothing, all worked without problems. On hearings still works. Truth period of validity of support LTS of the distribution kit comes to an end, therefore someone should recustomize or be responsible for all the distribution kit "full of holes". A sheaf on which stopped: gerrit+redmine+buildbot plus openldap for support of uniform authorization, plus scripts for simplification of administration.


Re: GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. What to select?

- gitlab.com - free private turnips. It is possible to add others with different privileges. It is possible to fasten the runner and to launch on it all as it is necessary. - Gitlab to deliver itself - if it would be desirable that all was is direct super-is private. To be put very simply. But me sees sense not so much. As it is necessary to users on yours  it will be necessary to do separate registration. I already couple of years use the , but on the sly I move on gitlab.com


Re: GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. What to select?

A> That advise? It is desirable from real experience. Thanks. Not self-hosted the decision I do not consider absolutely. If it would be desirable something absolutely simple that is gitea, there generally one  under a heap of platforms. In respect of passage "local git"-> "together with a companion", is easier probably is not present. Features for start , there are rights (reading/record/wiki) to users and commands. There is a possibility most to create users from  so it is possible to allow for clients to look without straining their registration, or to allow to write to them . There is a possibility a part of turnips to open for "" if you take someone on . And to get for  "group" and it is not soared with output of the rights by the piece. In the remaining it is similar to such idle time github - there is "organization" at it there are "projects" and "commands". At each participant the repositories private and public, pull-rekvesty, vegetables and here it is all. If something more advanced - that is unambiguous gitlab. Also it is necessary to consider gitlab if there is the active operation by group the person from 5 - to it there is an integration with , trello and other projects.