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Though Mother Teresa declared that lives in extreme humility and suffering, she often traveled all over the world in the magnificent planes inaccessible to anybody, except the richest. Certainly, she did not pay for the ticket (airlines normally paid), but, in my opinion, its travelings were waste of means as were undertaken with the religious purposes. The majority of its trips - including the last oversea traveling to her lives, begun in May, 1997 - had for an object presence on solemn bringing of vows by its nuns. It often went to Vatican to meet the Father (perhaps, at each trip abroad it called in to Vatican, occasionally twice, on the way there and reversely). Whether It is possible to justify such frequent and expensive trips with the religious purposes of the woman which always declared what is excessively betrayed to business of the poor? Aboard, traveling the first class, Mother Teresa could ask, that to it brought a dinner, and it gives to its poor. It made impression upon people around and showed that she never forgets about poor - so it masked the real purpose of the magnificent trips absolutely unnecessary, at least the poor. Let the Committee takes into consideration Mother Teresa diligence (probably, not realized) to create a deceit and to support the false image. https://tapirr.livejournal.com/3446197.html here so


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