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Post of love and good of harm and hatred. If not a Putin mode, these people would lead days off in serene domestic surroundings of love and good, pleasure and happiness.  as I hated all this marsh, prospektno-saharovskuju, novodovorsko-sobchachju  orgy! And business was at all in its frankly enemy essence for our people. Me enraged that since that moment as that began  with last presidential elections, I and at my colleagues did not have any normal day off. It already became kind tradition. Friday. Evening. All normal people already planned, with whom get drunk, where will be overslept and as will say lies to wives, or on what route reach a summer residence. And in departments of the Central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stamping words sound: - Saturday - gain. Sunday - a reserve of the Minister. I will read to the list ... in general, farewell days off.... However, it is necessary to note, mass meeting our police colonel can create outwardly very much even the solid. I remember, on Lenin Mountains hundred persons with the big stars from a reserve of the Minister dragged pieces and preempted from buses. Beginning to brawl the crowd ran into a stupor -  decided that on them threw a reserve of the Joint Staff, all these thick, with ,  and spiteful muzhiks. So rebels ceased to revolt. Probably considered that trace the fire-throwing armor goes. To them simply did not come to mind that before them simply crowd of men of prepension age which spoiled holidays, days off and do not allow to communicate with children and grandsons.... As a matter of fact, on some of these meetings police and other stuck was pore more than holding a meeting. So we quite successfully created mass meeting and a picture for any enemy information resources - a pier, here it mass character of protests on which today come not only green youth and any old people of 1914 of release, but also young, vigorous people. Here these young, vigorous, trying not to gleam, and there were we are the suppressors of freedom dexterously masking under worthy oppositionists. Us accepted for the, demanded, that we shouted chorus any Antiputin . At me after each campaign all pockets have been hammered by white tapes and idiotic antistate and  brochures which to us  it is affable and  smiling propagandists.... And we stand aside, type, too the sympathizing. And here the skilled fighter with a mode approaches to us. On age, seemingly, from old  guards is at it wrinkles on the person it is written also by oats on a beard. Also starts to demand from us to sign the petition against police brutality as a whole and against the suppressor of freedom of Nurgalieva in particular - well only that with instructions of our passports and surnames. - and what for? - I ask. - same ! Executioners! You know that they with people create! As they torture our colleagues! -, brothers, I will tell to you. - Not, we do not sign, - I speak. - why? - So you told - they whom want, that and . We are afraid of them. - yes. Not fighters you. Not fighters, - dousing us a fleer, the fighter with a mode is deleted ...


Re: Bloody on a wire

Hello, alexku, you wrote: A> the Post of love and good of harm and hatred. If not a Putin mode, these people would lead days off in serene domestic surroundings of love and good, pleasure and happiness. An unexpected foreshortening. Offset!!!