Topic: linked on and storage.

At loading on  to the server from  in MSSQL storage is strenuously eaten, and loading goes minutes 15, thus the size of the table is not great ~70. Records and about 35 Mb.
Loading from adjacent MSSQL in this MSSQL the similar does not suffer.
It is launched from process MSSQL.
It is probably connected, that the table each time a pen forms, but besides at similar actions with MSSQL all easily and quickly. Provider OraOLEDB oracle.
SELECT * into [shema]. [tab] FROM OPENQUERY ([Link], ' select * FROM shema.tab ')
Children,  faced a similar problem?


Re: linked on and storage.

Try to pass on Attunity Connector


Re: linked on and storage.

At me storage itself  the client (driver) strenuously ate. Took down, delivered the version more low, the problem left.


Re: linked on and storage.

Thanks, I will try both variants.