Topic: FireBird 2.5: the version of a file of a database in Win10

There is a program written on Delphi 6 + FireBird 2,5 Embedded
With the program many years worked on Windows 7, in July, 2017 the program was is transferred on other computer with Windows 10. At transfer all folder with the program has been copied in C:\Program Files (x86), no installers are present. Operation with the program proceeded without any visible problems, but for some reason date of the last modification of a file of a database is dated copying date in C:\Program Files (x86) (July, 2017) and if to copy this database on other computer or simply to transfer on a desktop in it there are no changes since July, 2017. That is such impression that the operating system made  the initiating version of a database. Thus it is not clear why through the program the fresh data as though reversal goes to any other database are displayed.
It is used FireBird 2,5 Embedded, any server it is not torn. Connection to a database in the program is produced on a method: (a directory of start of an EXE file) \(db) \(a database file).
For operation with a database I use IBExpert the last version.
Somebody came up against a similar situation? Can it is necessary to be played with control of security accounts?


Re: FireBird 2.5: the version of a file of a database in Win10

scorpion235 wrote:

it is copied in C:\Program Files (x86)

What for was to copy here? It was necessary simply in the folder on C:\
Now search for a database in C:\ProgramData

scorpion235 wrote:

as though reversal goes to any other database.

That was not "as though", master
https://technet.microsoft.com/ru-ru/sys … nitor.aspx
There all is simple. Include monitoring, then by the right button eliminate all superfluous processes which "climb" in a broad gull.
When it will be empty - launch the program while it does not open basis. Stop monitoring, study a broad gull.
For example, simply search for file name of a DB without a way.


Re: FireBird 2.5: the version of a file of a database in Win10

Thanks! Yes, it is Virtualization UAC
The database was in C:\Users \[computer name] \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)
And the standard searcher in Windows to a folder does not scan this