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All kind time of days.
Rather long time  with one problem. After reboot the server does not rise, leaves in recovery.
Now in sequence.
There are servers. Processors Xeon, . Supermicro, ASUS. RAID-controlers LSI (Avago) different with BBU and CashCade to them an expander, for disks 14 + 2 ssd.
OS Win2012R2, Oracle x64. On each server from 30 to 90 bases, depending on volume  the size of bases.
These servers "work" very cheerfully.
While anybody does not touch them problems is not present. All begins at reboot. It is absolutely unpredictable - rise or not.
Can reboot normally. Can leave there and then in recovery which already never quits.
That we only did not try. Tried to recover the boot record - quitted nothing, how many fought. Tried to ungear-include CashCade - too did not help. Tried to ungear before reboot all services  - it is useless. A software everyones and any put dependences on drivers and other are not present - as can fall off, and can and are not present.
Yesterday rebooted some servers, about third did not rise - cheerful operation to lift two hundreds bases quickly.
Someone can faced such behavior of servers of a DB, prompt, please, that with it to do.


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At once I speak, did not face the such. But here it

ekzarh wrote:

OS Win2012R2, Oracle x64.

At all it is not pleasant to me. At first Windows, secondly the Oracle version ask an upgrade.


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And by the way, all two hundreds bases did not rise for the same reason? Or on the different?


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flexgen wrote:

secondly the Oracle version asks an upgrade.

Aha does not load Windows.


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To begin with to esteem OS broad gulls - something can be eat the informative.
Broad gulls IPMI of the server - there can be there something is.
On iron to roll the last insertions.
To make images of systems and to try to play back a problem on a test server.


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30-90 copies on one server...
About Windows I will not tell, but on everyones  it demands already thoughtfully to approach to in an amount of divided resources (semaphores, storage)
Anyway, it should be much more difficult than normal 1-5 copies


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1) - it is not certificated for W2012
2) Each error has a name and a surname What is is specific ?
What errors in alert.log and system events
Something prompts to me that at such amount of bases, is banal works timeout at start
[/the telepathist]
What to make:
1) to consider is how much necessary to have 30-90 copies
Tell for what decision of tasks separate copies are used why not to use the selected circuits instead of a separate copy?
2) Update at least till, and be better till, in this case, task 1 can it is solved by usage PDB (but it demands testing and the additional license)