Topic: longops strongly decelerates?

If millions records are processed, whether it is necessary to do DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_SESSION_LONGOPS after each handling or it is better through everyone 1000 for example (or to calculate from the general kol-va)?


Re: longops strongly decelerates?

The common sense if is, prompts.


Re: longops strongly decelerates?

Elic wrote:

the Common sense if is, prompts.

I that think that is necessary in lots that the step was we tell 0,5-1 %.
Simply if it is a certain counter in , instead of records in the table on idea influence should be minimum.
All right, miracles does not happen. smile


Re: longops strongly decelerates?

barrabas wrote:

millions records

Normally not by a method slow-by-slow are processed.