Topic: To decipher SHA in Oracle

All greetings.
There is a task of transfer of users from MS-SQL in Oracle 12c with saving passwords of all users.
And it not oracle-users, and users which in Apex.  APEX_PIBLIC_USER - it one.
On MS-SQL - passwords like as are encoded under SHA.
How it to make? In what side to dig?


Re: To decipher SHA in Oracle

Well it is possible and not in Oracle;
to pick up? I not absolutely in a subject...
Decoders are not implied in the same basis where this password has been created? For example in MS-sql


Re: To decipher SHA in Oracle

SHA is not the cipher, and .   it is impossible (it is possible, but only search) reversely to receive the password, but it is possible to check up its correctness.


Re: To decipher SHA in Oracle

Passwords and users now in MS-SQL. It is necessary to be defined, whether it is possible to drag them in Apex in Oracle to (migrate). In what your idea? I did not understand...
By the way, where to look, what method of hash coding now is used at present for Apex-passwords?