Topic: The maximum quantity JOB

Good afternoon. In Oracle 12c the maximum quantity simultaneously existing JOB = 4000. But they are not launched simultaneously, and wait clearing of resources of the processor. Prompt, whether there is a possibility to force DBMS to launch all of them simultaneously. And still: if to tear two  (on two servers), k-in JOB to double? And how it is better to connect these : a cluster or the container (had no business neither with that nor with so in advance I apologize if ). The purpose such: to force to work all , imitating  and to increase maks.k-in  for the account


Re: The maximum quantity JOB

I so understand, it is necessary to buy simply the computer from 4000 thousand processors and the problem disappears by itself)))
[quote =] to force to work all , imitating

So nevertheless to work
Or to imitate
Things nevertheless different)))
That the data job should do