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Good afternoon!
I ask your help.
There is server OL 6.8, Grid Infrastructur, Oracle DB
I try to update a DB to version (In subsequent it will be transferred on new iron with OL7, GI12.2, Oracle DB 12.2)
At update on the tab "Select Database" I select a DB I enter the password of user SYS and I receive:
[DBT-20007] Specified SYSDBA credentials are not correct. Specify the correct SYSDBA credentials and try again.
At a forum found nothing where to dig prompt?
GI has been installed under the user grid. Oracle 11 and 12 under the user oracle. The rights like everywhere identical.


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You should to begin with grid update to 12cR2.


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-2, read. Speaks it was not possible to launch a DB. I will try to include authentification from OS.


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alex722, it is clear, but same the error after all not from it arises. Tried to update a DB which not in ASM.  a situation.


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Sense then about grid generally to write