Topic: The question is faster the legal.

There is a firm And.
Owns Oracle Standart Edition 2 on the lawful bases with processor licenses for 2 bricks.
From firm And Would gemmate firms, and wants on the server of firm And to continue to twist the basis.
Question: whether It is necessary what that additional... ... Whether Resolution that from Oracle firm that upon two firms use now one server with one license for one firm.
That is at firm it is finite with firm And the contract is available on provision of the server.
But how much it is laid down in license frames of Oracle?
Personally found as that article on an Oracle site in the given occasion and all has been there explicitly registered that in the presence of the contract between two firms lawfully. But here were now threw to specify - and there is no such article more on a site. Or it is impossible to find...
Who can that educate or  to make on clarification on this point in question?
In advance thanks for the help!