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Greetings! Recently in a subject added new key echange API which as it seems to me, allow to get rid both of transfer nonce, and from counter transfer. (Separately I will remind why counters -  a subject: 1) not to send value of the counter - it is necessary to be  that on both sides this value will be identical, 2) at transfer of counters there is a problem with an increment initial nonce as at achievement by the counter of great values expenses for an increment nonce necessary kol-in time linearly increase. Therefore, as a rule, together with a packet it is sent and  nonce that does not reduce ) and so. Now with each packet I drive nonce which 20 byte weighs that rather  as the majority of packets in size is less than nonce smile and here new API, like as, it just urged to solve this problem, but I am not assured. Dock somehow not especially adds clearness, actually, as well as the test. Examples of usage of it API I not . My question consists in that, there can be someone  it API? Well, or, someone after perusal docks and the test can tell with confidence, what it "it"? Thanks.


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http://rsdn.org/forum/cpp.applied/7016482.1 the Author: niXman Date: 11.01 10:01 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3711#page-51


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Hello, reversecode, you wrote: not the reader, - the writer.


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Yes where to me you use 20  nonce... Instead of that what to implement simple  algorithm for transmission on a network of 2 byte which it was transformed with 8  nonce on the transferring side in 8  nonce on accepting Algorithm it is used in SRTP the protocol But you continue to search for mythical implementation "all inclusive" well search further.


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You answer questions which I did not set. Unless it is normal?