Topic: What with MinGW 64bit, release?

At me  some versions MinGW  I collect libraries Qt and the project. And so: If to collect Qt + the project in 64bit release c MinGW versions is higher 7.1.0 in at start application there and then falls. I collected Qt and  with the debug information (-force-debug-info) and clarified that there is it by a call  for AVX2 instructions (for example in functions ). Funny that in the same 64 bit  debug falling do not happen (whether if fairly did not look still a debugger will be used  in this case). If to take mingw versions 7.1.0 that of such problems it is not watched (whether too did not look still are used in this case AVX2 instructions). Who that faced the such?


Re: What with MinGW 64bit, release?

I will answer to myself. Business was not in mingw and in an option-optimize-size which I added at configuring Qt. After removed and  Qt the problem left. To understand that it there adds to the assembly laziness, flags possibly what that to compilation and probably changes structure of the code of library.