Topic: Speech-To-Text Library (service) with good support of Russian

Colleagues, impart experience - that it is possible to look for conversion of a voice to the text in the form of library and-or service. From requirements - Good support of Russian. How to define a level  I do not know (it is not competent of this area). We tell so: it is planned to recognize the dictated texts (1 speaking, average rate, without outside noise...) . - Not the transcendental price. It is necessary to recognize available ready array, and then further periodically, but it is not frequent. Therefore service with a subscription or constant/hourly/... Payment, probably, it would be very pertinent. - whenever possible idle time (it is desirable, having  in.Net) API (that simply fed an audio-file with pair parameters and all). That I had time to look: - Bing Speech API. Despite ostensibly declared support of Russian I could not achieve anything,  vaguely similar to desirable result. I admit that I somewhere was mistaken in the code (I hastily corrected their example). - Yandex SpeechKit Cloud. Recognition on small test fragments - close to ideal (me, at least, arranges), but here further somehow it was not set... More or less large fragments or cannot be flooded or goes comes  from the server. The most sad - attempt to contact support through the form of back coupling in what did not result. Sent some messages, but in the answer silence some days. What can advise still? Or can eat positive experience with the services sounded by me? Share, please.