Topic: INTEL HOUDINI, dynamic code translation

That it and what for: the layer of dynamic translation from ARM in x86, allows   with ARM-only  the code to work on fashionable some years ago devices from Intel Atom with enough decent productivity. Somebody from the present understands how this technology works? On the Internet the extremely poor convergence on its interiors. Whether such translation of hardware acceleration demands from those atoms what put in , or it is pure ? Whether it works in the similar image with user-mode QEMU, or somehow still? Whether there are examples something similar in opensource, except, actually, ,  and explicitly superfluous for given task QEMU?


Re: INTEL HOUDINI, dynamic code translation

Why at forums got used to ask at first before to make the  on a subject? https://github.com/codepath/android_guides/issues/283 in Google of links it is filled up with answers, to read not to re-read if to be interested