In connection with tricks , fell off PSN and other services, it would be desirable to repair. On a computer there is a program Okayfreedom (VPN) about a premium access, the Internet at me Rostelecom (PPPoE) comes into router ASUS RT-N13U rev b1, all is adjusted and works like clock-work, there is still a second router with LEDE 17.01.04 onboard TP-Link TR740ND v4.25. How having on hands a heap of such crutches it is possible  VPN connection from a computer on Ps4?



, I try to make here it , only instead of my.conf inscribed vpn.ovpn
The total:

root@LEDE:~#/etc/init.d/openvpn start
' bin/sh: cannot open '/etc/rc.common



By means of the above described instruction, I tried to fasten here it https://www.freeopenvpn.org /



1 variant: Simply to change on hosts of a network the gateway by default, instead of the address of router ASUS RT-N13U, to register the computer address. And then at a switched on computer and vpn on it these hosts will have an output through vpn.
2)  you do That, that is try to lift vpn the client on tp-link. Only as that it  to push it dynamic in RAM. Try to create with the help image builder' an insertion with openvpn is better, deleting everyones luci, ip6, ppp  unnecessary things for the given situation.



The first variant completely would suit me, but I or that not so do that, or does not work.
[img=1280x960, 90.2Kb] https://i.imgur.com/skcjN9U.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 84.0Kb] https://i.imgur.com/ycufZb8.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 90.7Kb] https://i.imgur.com/Zo5v9Nx.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 122.8Kb] https://i.imgur.com/igyhOyT.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 105.6Kb] https://i.imgur.com/2Q1by9W.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 97.7Kb] https://i.imgur.com/45GVSUa.jpg [/img]
[img=1280x960, 117.6Kb] https://i.imgur.com/u0QXpmS.jpg [/img]