All greetings. The sound on the computer clicks. It began after I interposed new earphones into green slot on ., it is unsteady, when there were no clicks it too was unsteady and in  to me told nothing. I did not change the driver, the program. Changed wasps on Winows 7,8.1,10, put  a sound card (the Asus xonar dg), pulled out the videocard and checked on , tried USB earphones, checked temperature. Carried in 2 , there told that problems with iron are not present, only in one heard clicks and told that cannot clarify that it, suggested to change something from iron at random. Clicks at once disappeared and appeared after I pulled out  a sound card and included Realtek.
My iron
-Intel Core i5 6600k (Without acceleration)
.-Asus z170-a
The videocard-Gtx 970 Asuses
-2 Laths on 8 gb Kingston hyper.
-Chieftec 750w
Rigid disk-Seagate 1T (There are no red sectors)
SSD-Kingston hyper 250 (There are no red Sectors)
Sound card-Asus xonar dg
To the computer 3 years.
In advance thanks for the help.



The Rigid disk-Seagate 1T (There are no red sectors)
Whether to disconnect it and to listen there are clicks.



Greetings. In gland I especially do not understand, for me to disassemble or collect something the task from the unreal. I can not disconnect, in  told that all iron as it should be.