Quality and possibilities of adjustment Dolby Headphone, should be similar on a minimum to that are described in this to a subject with the built in Realtek and Dolby the extension in it  under XP.
I dig deposits of sound iron and I can not anywhere in adjustments usb exterior sound cards similar level of possibilities. And time is not present them and it is not necessary to speak about quality Dolby Headphone there. The absurd situation in the market of sound iron and  turns out. In new drivers for Windows versions is higher XP, Dolby Headphone actually removed, leaving only a primitive tick of switching-on which as under XP does not give the same qualitative effect. I do not know why Realtek so arrived (on letters with the request to comment on a situation they do not answer), but it is the fact, all deprived possibility to watch film on PC/laptops c the built in chip from Realtek with volume sounding in earphones emulating 5.1-7.1 sound, with same extensionality as was in XP. A situation explicitly abnormal.
It is strange that this subject audience does not interest, though there are subjects with the same questions, but all without answers. And how you, people, all look cinemas/serials from 5.1-7.1 a sound if was impatient to look on the monitor/laptop in earphones, without hindering another? At me after perusal of ton of branches, the impression that the majority of users, at all in course of that them deprived, since Whists was added. And what level Dolby Headphone was under XP. In that branch tried to find  the decision, but it obviously is not present, with the same ease and simplicity of adjustments.
There was a question of purchase of a sound card with usb (it is desirable not only  an output c the decent analog amplifier, but also 5.1 analog output), with a similar sound, as at the built in Realtek c DH the extension under XP.
The request attentively to read the subject specified in the beginning and not to offer a card with Dolby Home Theatre v4 the extension, it at all that and adjustments there same are not present. A poor hand-made article on tonal quality, in comparison with that was in XP.
Who can that advise? There are such variants?



with   is a poor hand-made article in the form of a bucket of different volume on a head of the listener. Normal implementation HRTF does not imply adding  there where it is not present. wink



I do not need judgement on quality of implementation DH, only the answer, if exterior sound with such equipment rooms or  the decision, me without a difference. Implementation DH in mode Cinema under the extension of drivers of Realtek for XP quite suits me. Without its switching-on of cinema on the PC/laptop of necessary level of extensionality is not present. If you have  implementation HRTF in quality, a minimum, not worse, than in this circuit with DH, with pleasure will use the decision under 7-10. It very much does not suffice me and it is necessary to hold XP. For the lack of hardware implementation. Thus, as described in that branch, under XP, without any efforts, one tick in the driver the simultaneous output in such DH a mode both on analog outputs and on SPDIF which at me is connected to exterior  with the qualitative amplifier on earphones turnes on. On high to versions even such to organize the task nontrivial. What for Realtek spoiled such magnificent decision to me not clearly. Can because of that the people not especially had it, since DH without  drivers, it is normal in a set did not go with notebooks and the more so ., and  appeared only in 2012 and by then the majority already about XP forgot. Simply anybody especially does not know, what can be a sound in earphones with such circuit, here anybody and does not soar. Who knows, carried, tries to find the decision under 7-10.