Hello! Some days ago on  Asus F7Sr with Windows 7 Maximum 32bit there was a following problem: in Youtube or at video playing in Media Player Classic HC from a hard disk playback stops approximately in 30-60 minutes. In Review of events - Logs Windows - Application regularly appears an error "the Manager of windows of a desktop found out an unremovable error (0x8898009b)", and following event - "the Manager of windows of a desktop completed operation with the code (0x8898009b)". A source of events - Desktop Window Manager. Communication between this error and video stop while precisely did not install, but I suspect that video stops when the Manager of windows of a desktop makes a mistake.
Reinstalled videocard drivers (ATI Mobility Radeon 2400 Series) - did not help.
How it to treat?



Yes Windows 7 Maximum SP1



Last, version 203



Unfortunately, did not help. The Manager of windows of a desktop permanently takes off, contents of a window, the button of closing-folding-expansion of a window, the button of applications on a task bar thus can disappear,  refuses to reboot (process "operation End") stops on an inscription



Switched to simplified subject Windows (without Aero) - the error 0x8898009b disappeared, but video hangs. Checked in Media player classic HC and Windows media player - video (the picture freeze or it is simple instead of video is visible the desktop), then and a sound at first stops. The Codec-paki any in system are not installed.



Some days ago (4/12/2018) updates Windows KB4093118, KB980830, KB2952664 have been installed. This day the error 0x8898009b began to arise. It tried to be rolled away to restore point from 4/10/2018, but  refused to reboot, it was necessary to ungear it the button of a supply and rollback did not happen, now it is possible to be rolled away only to a point from 4/14/2018. The error happens till now in not simplified subjects of design Windows, video hangs in the simplified and not simplified subjects.
[img= - 1154x57, 18.4Kb] https://image.ibb.co/gjGL2S/image.jpg [/img]



Deleted kb4093118, while flight normal: the error does not appear, video does not hang:up:



On updated kb4093118.
I at myself through a control bar took down today this update. Then made search in the same place. This update in "weight" 31 has been found.
Installed type. But through pair minutes it is again and it is offered to be installed. And so on a circle. In installed it is not present.
Then downloaded in the directory of updates MS it is there it 229 Mb "weigh". Launched setting, and somehow it very quickly type "was installed", but actually, of course, is not present.
How it all the same to install now?



dism reported that update is successfully installed, but did not change anything.
Search again finds it, and in installed it is not registered...