Topic: Re [2]: net core 2 console app + linux

Hello, Kolesiki, you wrote: K> linux - here what not so. And Core there. MS rolled down from the vendor of more or less efficient products to "eternal " - a typical state of any Linuks-on. Even that they named release earlier, lost now the status of stability - all these betta, release candidate, RTM... All it now one big "". Reconcile or write under stable (for the present) Windows.NET; K> To me lately even for W.NET  - I wait with each release that just about it is necessary to be rolled away. , and happened with their stupid "wars with null" - the code which worked excellently (there "earlier broke.?" The operator was used). To hell these linups-indo-innovators! They on money clouds not sickly earn. About the docker on  is much cheaper