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There is a server (VPS) which formally produces 100 megabits. Basically approximately so much also shows, normally. On it it is launched iperf3-s. There is a house. Houses are a desktop and the microserver, both in a local network with the modem (through which walk in the Internet). The network , iperf3 between the computer and the microserver shows almost gigabit. A rate of the Internet of 120 megabits. On a desktop windows 10, on microserver RHEL 7.5. iperf3 from a desktop to VPS stablly shows speed about 1-2 megabits. And very round numbers, close to twain levels (probably it is a singularity iperf3). If to launch through UDP, it is visible that speed is restricted around 3.5 megabits, go  packets further. iperf3 from the microserver shows at various times different speed, but higher, showed 80 megabits, last time showed approximately 40 megabits. Both in TCP and in UDP a mode approximately equally. Generally speaking I OpenVPN lift, but the aforesaid without everyones OpenVPN, in it speed in  too the low quits, therefore started to understand. To tell the truth I a little in difficulty and unique my assumption, am the provider who defines that the IP-package comes from  under any signatures, defines that to this server at me too big traffic and . And to  to packets it is more tolerant (probably because of any equipment on ). It is clear, what here I will make nothing, but whether there can be still any reasons? Thus generally speaking on  speed of downloading of files from different servers at all 1-2 megabits, speed normal. On a desktop nothing , any MTU itself did not adjust.


Re: Windows, iperf3, slow rate, nearby in it is normal

I had a similar problem of gigabits between two points in the world on the one hand 10 and , on the other hand too most between  gigabit, between Windows 100-200  it is Windows problem make ssh  on the are local  the server from Windows and quit anywhere in the world without any restrictions on speed this problem it is known  for a long time from 8 Windows it was showed more explicitly


Re: Windows, iperf3, slow rate, nearby in it is normal

Hello, vsb, you wrote: vsb> On a desktop nothing , any MTU itself did not adjust. Swing TCP Optimizer. There it is necessary  stack parameters, but I do not remember which. The matter is that at you the size of buffers or a window too small to produce high tput. Google on tag Windows throughput.


Re: Windows, iperf3, slow rate, nearby in it is normal

It is all does not work moreover, from 8 Windows entered what hogwash. Whether to the politician that... I do not remember already, but it is all the fact in that is googled that I was taken two days with it that only did not try, beginning from any tunings most  finishing optimization of a stack and patches from the MSEC, does not work anything and not only in tcp but also in udp it was possible to finish certainly up to the end and to find a problem essence, but the client needed to work therefore made eyelets on local  from Windows