Topic: Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten?

Oktjabrsky   betrayed and forgot. Now queue for the Second World War: the link the link the link As you think that children here will know about the Second World War these people?


Re: Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten?

Hello, Cicero, you wrote: Cs> Oktjabrsky   betrayed Velikuju and forgot. Did not forget. Simply red coded much. A C> Now queue for the Second World War: a C> the link I find a question amusing. When World War II began? And who as digitizes it... The Scoop considered from the moment of an entrance to war of London (London is certain  for Muscovites). It is possible to consider from Japanese - the Chinese war... But then the greatest losses (and the scoop for some reason is proud of them most of all) at China. When the Great Patriotic War began? When Germany intruded in the USSR it is known, but when war has been declared by the domestic? Before by the domestic has been declared (of that time ) war 1812. And I am more something so amusing (war, in which as though one participant? And the second in what war is dirtied? In Germany too the Great Patriotic War was at this time? Or it is simple one more in  World War II?)  in the history of Moskovia I can not recall.