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I here during the free time from rest made  curved spaces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_PNYf4qVKc It would be desirable to look, what it to be in space with nonzero curvature and interesting topology where light walks on the geodesic. That it was easier to understand and present it, took simple cases - 2D the surfaces enclosed in a normal three-dimensional Euclidean space, for example, a surface of sphere or a donut, but is also more interesting - a black hole and  a hole. Two measurements I take from such two-dimensional diversity, to them I add the third measurement, orthogonal that to two. More in detail about principles, the mathematician, implementation and results: https://thedeemon.livejournal.com/127151.html https://thedeemon.livejournal.com/127473.html https://thedeemon.livejournal.com/127697.html Source codes, the short description and  under  and Windows here: https://bitbucket.org/thedeemon/curved/src/


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There is no that image as switching-on EmDrive or as there it which distorts space will look


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Hello, Ejnstok Fajr, you wrote: > there is no that image as switching-on EmDrive will look or as there it which distorts space I Think, speech about Alcubierre drive. Yes, it is possible to think over visualization of its analog...